From hand-guided equipment and automotive, self-propelling machinery, to mowing and collection boats

The Berky GmbH renown the world over as one of the leading manufacturers of water maintenance machines. Looking back on 50 years of corporate history, the former inventor of the "three-wheeled ditch slope mower" (1963) has evolved into one of the few full-range suppliers in the business.

Thousands of municipalities and subcontractors can totally rely on the integral quality and reliability of the successfully time-tested BERKY side and front mowers, slope mowers, ditch cleaners, trench diggers, mowing boats and weed harvester, dredgers, plus a wide selection of specialty machinery and equipment. And on the prompt service and performance of the BERKY staff of course.

The Company's hallmark inventive talent is still as alive and kicking as ever. BERKY are definitely good listeners when it comes to customer proposals and stimulating suggestions or whenever a special-purpose solution is needed, as the general policy is that customers must be provided with all the solutions required for their special applications and purposes. Aptly, the BERKY corporate motto is "made-to-measure mass production", technically perfected and customised yet nonetheless affordable.