Now with newly developed front mount!

BERKY 4420 Mowing-raking combination


The 4420 MOWING-RAKING COMBINATION is perfectly suited to clear ditches in one step. A front mounted cutting unit clips the vegetation in an ecological manner. The rear mounted clearing rake or rotary clearing rake reliably remove the clippings from the ditch and embankments. Compatibility a wide range of tractors and easy mounting make the 4420 MOWING-RAKING COMBINATION a great option for those who want to use their existing tractors or those who want to use their tractors for other works as well.

Tractor Regular and narrow gauge tractors
Boom postion - Front: Attachment to a communal plate
     Size 5 - Form A
     Size 3 - Form B
- Rear: Rear frame in the 3-point hitch
Boom - 4,50 m (each front and rear)
- Hydraulic rear swivel function
Hydraulics - Cylinder functions and working tools via gear pump
- 40 l/min at 180 bar for working tools
Controls Electric proportional cylinder controls by joystick
Stabilizing options - Front axle stabilizer
- Counter weights
Popular Extras - Telescope boom
- L/S Pumps for 60 l/min at 180 bar for working tools