Engine 4-cylinder diesel, 129 kW/173 hp
Diesel tank 280 l
Drive - Continuous variable all-wheel drive
- 3-gear automatic transmission
- Activatable differential lock
- Working up to 12 km/h
- Transport up to 40 km/h
Steering 3 steering modes
- Front wheel steering
- All wheel steering or
- Crab steering
Tyres Ø 1500 mm x 600 mm
Boom - 3-part boom
- 220° swivel range
- Up to 9.30 m work range from the middle of the vehicle
Hydraulik 120 l/min at 280 bar for working equipment
Important dimensions - Height 4,00 m
- Width 2,55 m
- Ground Clearance 0,40 m
- Weight from 10.800 kg
Popular extras - Towing device and air break
- 3-point hitch and PTO
- Air suspended seat

3700 BERKY Trac


The 3700 BERKY-TRAC was designed with the vision to fulfil most of the works for daily waterway maintenance. This lead to a all year usable self-propelled vehicle that is out-standing at working with flail mowers, mowing buckets, branch cutters, tree saws, clamshell-buckets and wood grapples.
The variety of working equipment combined with the possibility to work on the left and right side of the machine, as well as towing trailers gives plenty of usage options. The drivers work will be comfortable with the rotatable cabin and the outstanding all-around view.

Find front, rear and side attachments for the BERKY-Trac HERE