Amphibious boat type 6480

The amphibious boat type 6480 is a strong, multifunctional, powerful and agile boat for different working situations in and on the water, wetlands and mainland. The pontoon-mounted tracks with low ground pressure and the powerful propeller drive make it possible to move on the water with strong flow rates and to move on land. With a powerful, water-cooled diesel engine (55 kW / 77 HP), the amphibious boat reaches a speed of up to 8 km/ h in water and 12 km/h on land. The front-mounted 2-part boom with high-performance hydraulics and quick coupler system guarantee a flexible use of different implements. In particular, this type has a wide range of implements, such as clam shell bucket, weed grab, front collecting rake, mowing bucket, sludge pump, etc. In addition, the front, ergonomically designed operator station provides an optimal visibility while working.