Mowing bucket model 5900

The BERKY Mowing buckets of the 5900 series allow for ditch cleaning from below the waterline all the way up on the embankment in one step. The rigid and sturdy frame can with­stand heavy works. Cutting Blades driven by a unique low maintenance and low wear oil bath drive separate this mowing bucket from the com­petition.
After just a short period of operation this combination will turn out to be a real cost saver on main­tenance, spare parts and downtimes. The high quality self-sharpening blades cut reeds and grass, above and below the waterline. Cutting and collecting the material in one step is an easy task with the reliable Berky mowing buckets.

The mowing buckets are available in various sizes and therefore allow operation on a variety of machinery. This can be mini-, midi-, wheeled- and regular excavators, as well as our self-pro­pelled and boom mowers.
Cutting Unit - Central mounted direct drive by low maintenance oil bath drive
- 4 mm blades with large pin
Hydraulics 40 l/min at 150 bar
Frame height 40 cm
Working width 2,00 m / 2,50 m / 3,00 m / 4,00 m
Weight 195 kg / 270 kg / 370 kg / 460 kg
Popular extras - Oil volume control valve
- Quick change adapter
- Tilt adapter for transport position
- Side racks
- Filling plates